Road Resurfacing Bathurst Street Pitt Town

Devcon was tasked to upgrade Bathurst St, Pitt Town, the section of road between Buckingham Street and Johnston Street. It is a beautiful rural location and one would assume a quiet road, however this major access route is a bustling regional link which required extensive traffic management throughout the course of the project. Devcon is proud to deliver this long awaited key upgrade to improve the access and safety for the residents of Pitt Town.

Chris Bell, President of the Pitt Town Progress Association, shared valuable feedback following the association’s recent meeting:
“• The project has been a huge success.
• The quality of the road surface delivered is excellent and such a contrast to the narrow, pot-hole scarred section of road that it has replaced.
• The work was undertaken in a very efficient manner and the detour impact on the community was well managed and kept to an absolute minimum.
Please accept this letter as a formal “Thank You” from the Pitt Town Progress Association and the broader Pitt Town Community for a job well done”

The job involved:
• Removal of approximately 1km of redundant pavement
• Installation of 150mm Asphalt Base layer AC20
• Concrete driveway adjustments and general pavement driveway adjustments.
• Final AC14 layer of asphalt including tie into existing pavement at Bootles Lane and Johnston Street.
• Turf and regrading of edge drains to ensure smooth transition from pavement.
• Devcon delivered in excess of 3,680t of Asphalt in both base layer and final layer.
• Detailed road detours whilst resurfacing the road pavement were established. This involved extensive consultation with the community, and local user groups, and constant liaison with adjoining residences of the works.
• What solutions were provided upon completion? A finished pavement including linemarking and turfing.
– All adjoining residences are content with the completion of the works, which now enables two lane unimpeded traffic to flow.
– The original Road pavement surface was approximately 5m wide, this has now been increased to two 3.5m single traffic lanes with a 0.250m shoulder either side

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