Airds Stage 9 – Redevelopment

Over the last six years Airds and Bradbury have been going through multiple stages of redevelopment transforming the area into a modern and socially mixed community.

It’s been a fantastic opportunity to work with Landcom and be involved with the redevelopment of Stage 9, a 50-lot subdivision.

Work included:
• Demolition of redundant pavements and protection of trees
• Remediation of unsafe materials discovered to make the site safe for residential use
• Works around live services and relocation of existing services
• Installation of new services
• Installation of a gross pollutant trap to collect rubbish and chemicals from stormwater and prevent it from entering the local waterways
• Road and pavement construction
• Landscaping and installation of street trees to connect the local park to the new development and enhance the amenity of the development

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