Rookwood Cemetery Expansion stage 2

With Rookwood Cemetery holding immense cultural, historical, architectural, and community value, Devcon were delighted to continue working with Rookwood Cemetery on this expansion. The project included over 840 new burial plots along with important drainage upgrades to prevent the previously persistent flooding to the flower shop.

The challenges that Devcon continued to carefully manage included
– avoiding any disruption to adjacent funeral services and operations
– minimise noise impact from heavy machinery
– manage space constraints with storage of materials including more than 500 screw piles and 50 tons of steel
– daily works in front of the live chapel required detailed planning and courteous consideration of the regular visitors
– placement of over 500 cubic metres of concrete
– Plaque placements

To effectively manage the environmental and heritage sensitivity of the project, Devcon included additional measures to ensure no contaminated run-off entered the surrounding waterways and eliminated the use of heavy machinery around the heritage listed canals to ensure they were completely protected.

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