Macquarie Park Cemetery Extension

Macquarie Park Cemetery and Crematorium have expanded within their beautiful 145 acres with the help of Devcon. Known for its serene and peaceful surroundings, the grounds are a tranquil place for people to visit and remember their loved ones. Devcon were delighted to collaborate and further the capacity whilst improving accessibility during our delivery of this stage.

Devcon’s continued experience working in cemeteries and memorials parks meant we knew our ongoing sensitivity was paramount to delivering these works seamlessly and without disruption. The extension work included drainage upgrades, retaining walls, landscaping, multiple parking facilities and added access points for the public.

The addition of more than 500 burial plots required 250 screw piles, 70+ tonnes of steel reinforcement and 300 cubic metres of concrete which were all carefully installed by the Devcon team to ensure precise dimensions for each plot, preventing any potential overlap and to guarantee strong foundations capable of withstanding future adjacent excavations.

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