St Luke’s Catholic College Playing Field & Demountable Pad

It was time to prepare the fleet; excavators, dump trucks, positracks, cranes, graders and rollers as we began work preparing a demountable pad and sports playing fields for St Luke’s Catholic College. A project that consisted of 6000m3 of cut to fill, 1000m3 of topsoil to ensure optimal turf growing and 7000m2 of premium turf.

Working closely with the school we developed a plan to ensure staff and student safety throughout the entire project along with environmental impacts to the surrounding area. There were also tight deadlines to meet which facilitated adequate time for the construction of the demountable prior to the new school year commencing.

While CEDP had a vision in mind they left it to our capable team to both plan and develop a solution to meet those needs and they were not disappointed. With high level management through material acquisition, GPS TIN surface creation, coordinated break times to match students at peak movement, twin perimeter safety barriers and additional spotters we confidently completed the project to meet our usual high standards.