Multi-stage development – Antegra over 55’s independent living facility

Antegra is an over 55’s, independent, resort style living facility. With Antegra’s pools, gyms, bowling green, and many other attractions, the 225 lot facility is in high demand. Devcon was engaged by Antegra directly to deliver this project in multiple stages.

After the completion of stage 1, the site was open for residents to move in. This meant that subsequent stages needed to be managed carefully to maintain minimal impact on the new residents. Pre-construction meetings with residents provided mutual understanding of the project and allowed the residents’ concerns to be addressed by Devcon’s delivery team. Working adjacent to these existing dwellings required a proactive approach to communication, which would include forward planning and notification of work times and activities, as well as continual dust and noise monitoring.

The construction of the V road, stormwater and utility integration required careful and considered approach to the engineering detail, and some unusual methodologies were adopted with consideration to the confined spaces and proximity of utilities.

Management of the site included liaison with Sydney Water with respect to the open channel reservoir transfer easement on the northern boundary of the site, as retaining walls, drainage and earthworks were undertaken here and completed to ensure Sydney Water final asset acceptance. Whilst on the southern boundary Bonds Creek required its own special attention during the Riparian works that were undertaken on its banks.

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