Construction of Stormwater Basin 6 at Austral

Liverpool City Council has partnered with Devcon to deliver their regional stormwater basin in Austral.

The overall project scope includes:

  • 350 lineal metres of single to triple cell culverts
  • 280 lineal metres of reinforced concrete pipe storm water drainage
  • Structural in-situ stormwater pits
  • 2 x Rain gardens, inclusive of 1,200 cubic metres of filtration media and 650 lineal metres of subsoil drainage and planting
  • Gross Pollutant Trap installation
  • 280 lineal metres of sandstone log retaining wall
  •  100 lineal metres of creek upgrade inclusive of 185 lineal metres of sandstone log retaining wall, 500 square metres of scour protection and planting
  • 350 lineal metres of road pavement construction
  • 1,440 square metres of concrete maintenance track
  • Roadworks
  • Site remediation works.


This project has been hampered due to COVID-19 and La Nina weather patterns both of which have had negative impacts on manufacturing, cost control, working conditions and timelines. As a result we have developed new and innovative plans to keep the project moving forward and ensure we continue to hit milestones. Our unique ability to approach problems from multiple angles has been a blessing in this instance as we source materials from collective locations and think outside the box in order to deliver results.

We continue to work with sensitivity to reduce impact on the local school and plan road closures around weekend schedules. The Devcon team also factored in safety and environmental management plans in relation to sediment and erosion control connected to the stormwater and existing creek network, asbestos contaminated zones, general solid waste areas and hydrocarbon impacted spaces.

As usual, Devcon closely managed the WHS, Quality Control, Environmental management including sediment control, traffic management and procurement of materials, plant and labour.

As this project continues we will post further updates.

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