Defence Housing Australia Development

Defence Housing Australia (DHA) has been developing residential space at Nirimba Fields in Western Sydney. Devcon has played a large part in transforming an expanse of over 33 hectares of land. With over 4,600 meters of stormwater drainage, 500 lin.m of reinforced concrete box culverts, 4,400 meters of kerb and Sub-soil drainage and 13,000 square meters of walking paths constructed, it required our teams consistent efforts to overcome the challenges.

These challenges included Covid-19 and multiple flooding events during the various stages of the Sub-Division project. Devcon demonstrated resilience by embracing these conditions and pressing ahead by finding solutions and successfully delivering the projects within the promised timeline.

“Collaborating with Defence Housing Australia was a fantastic experience; their cooperative approach and seamless teamwork made the partnership truly enjoyable.” Matthew de Vries, Devcon Project Director

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